The Managing Committee meets every Sunday and is responsible for the administration, supervision of the temple services and properties and development of the Saunsthan. Devotees are requested to keep in contact with the Committee and participate in the working of the Saunsthan. The Managing Committee would like you to bring to their notice deficiencies, shortcomings, if any, in the working of the Saunsthan and suggest improvements. A book is maintained for the purpose with the temple clerk.
The members of the Managing committee are very much interested to meet you personally during your visit to Shri Kuldevta. On every Sunday they are available in the Saunsthan office. On other days they will be glad to receive you at homes and work places.

The Managing Committee of Shree Devkikrishna Ravalnath Sausthan
Pandvada, Mashel-Goa 403107
Phone: (0832) 2287743/2287997
For the triennial period from 1st April 2007 to 31st March 2010



Name & Addresses

 Phone Number



Shri Guirish K. P. Dharwatkar,

"Devki", H. No. 666, Near Tato Bldg., Tonca Caranzalem, Goa – 403 002.

Res: 0832 - 2462465/2462946

Off:0832 2224104

Mb: 9823147694


Shri Raghuveer P. Prabhu Moye,

E/1, Aarkey Pearl, 1st Floor, Dhuler, Mapuca, Goa – 403507.

Res: 0832 2250953

Mb: 9422452888


Shri Satish Shridhar Keni,

303, Devki Building, Tonca Caranzalem, Goa – 403 002.

Res: 0832 2461259

Mb: 9422062888


Shri Ananta Vassudeva Prabhu Moio,

G2, Sarang, Ashok Hsg. Co-op. Sty., St.Inez, Panaji – Goa – 403 001.

Res: 0832 2220600

Mb: 988149448



Shri Rajesh S. Prabhu Colvalkar,

Alto Duler Road, Mapusa,
Goa – 403 507.

Res: 0832 2262055

Off: 6717575
Mb: 9822100449


Shri Shrikant Pandharinath Naik,

B F/6, C.D. Pathanga C.H.S. Ltd,
Near Kekar Hospital, Aquem Alto, Margao, Goa – 403 507.

Res: 0832 2752844

Mb: 9225514218


Shri Avadhut K. Prabhu Lawande,

Flat No. 305/Block II, Dukle Heaven, Tambdi Matti,
Taleigao, Goa – 403 002.

Res: 0832 2221867

Mb: 9922407130


Shri Vijay V. P. Dharwadkar,

House No. 172, Uttam Nivas, Opp. Babaji Hotel, Khorlim, Mapuca,
Goa – 403 507.

Res: 0832 2252246

Mb: 9422063943


Daily pooja is performed by four pujaris, Shri Vithal Bhat, Shri Rohidas Acharya, Shri Siddhesh Acharya, Prasanna Pai.

Shri Laxmi Ravalnath – Pandvada temple is looked after by Shri Namdev / Pandurang Bhagat / Lekhraj Chodankar and Shri Laxmi Ravalnath – Gavanvada temple by Shri Narayan/Yeshwant/ Jaykrishna Bhagat.

The Office Incharge Shri Mohan Sukhtankar is responsible for the overall day to day administration of the temple.

All temples are sweeped and cleaned with soap water daily by temple servants.

Temple servants are responsible for sweeping and cleaning of guestrooms in the Agfarshala and looking after housekeeping work. Incase you face any difficulty, please bring it to the notice of the Manager. You may also contact any of the committee members in this regard.

The temple is open in the morning from 6.30 a.m to 1 p.m and in the evening from 3 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.
Everday Artis are performed at 12.30 p.m. and 8.30 p.m.


The Constitution and Rules governing the Devasthaan.

Shri Devakikrishna is the chief deity of this Devasthaan situated at Mashel-Ponda, Goa. However, the Constitutional Rules (‘Compromis’) which have been passed for this Devasthaan has been published in the name of Shri Ravallnaath Pandaw wada-Mashel therein itself is made a distinct mention that the chief deity of this Devasthan is Shri Devakikrishna (See Boletim Official No.7 de 27 Janeiro de 1910)

Who are the ‘Kullavi-Mahajans’ and ancient Founders of this Devasthaan?

This Devasthaan belongs to the community of Gaud Saraswat Brahmin Community, the followers of Vaishnav Sampraday, disciples of Gokarnna Partagall Jivot’tam Matth and it includes persons belonging to Atri, Kashyap, Vatsa, Kaushik and Bharadwaj ‘gotras’.
Their surnames are as follows according to their ‘gotras’:-
Of the Temple of Shri Ravallnaath –Pandaw wada (Piso Ravallu):-
1. Atri: Prabhu Lawande, Prabhu Moye, Prabhu Verlekar, Prabhu Bhat, Prabhu Parrikar, Prabhu Kolwalkar, Prabhu Tamba, Prabhu Guindde.
2. Kashyap: Nayak, Keni, Shinkre, Kuradekar, Mahale.
3. Vatsa: Prabhu Dharwadkar, Prabhu Morge, Joshi.
4. Kaushik : Prabhu Chodnnekar
5. Bharadwaj: Barad, Shannai, Shanbhag, Prabhu.

Those of Shri Laxmi Ravallnaath (Shanno Ravallu) Gavonnwada Temple:-
6. Kaushik: Kamat Satoskar, Kamat Mallyekar, Kamat Kakodkar, Kamat Bhembre
7. Kaundinnya: Kamat Cholpaddi, Kamat Hasoor, Kamat Kachke, Kamat Shannai
8. Kashyap: Prabhu Miski, Prabhu Bidde, Kamat Redkar, Kamat Khaddpe, Kamat Ttudkar, Prabhu Padgaonkar, Kamat Prabhu,
9. Vasishtth: Kamat, Kamat Paushe.
10. Vatsa: Prabhu Dharwadkar, Prabhu Burddekar
11. Bharadwaj:Gadiyar, Shannai, Shanbhag.




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